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Published: 4/26/2012

Biopolymers: Time to Take A Deep Breath
Are we looking at all of the implications associated with developing this new 'crop' of polymers?

Published: 3/26/2012

Working with Color Concentrates
Industry needs more development of enhanced-mixing screws.

Published: 2/21/2012

Working with Color Concentrates
Perhaps the greatest difficulty involving the use of color concentrates is specifying them appropriately for the material to which they are being added.

Published: 1/28/2012

Working with Color Concentrates
Because the consumer sees so many colored plastic articles, it is natural to assume that the process of achieving molded-in color is a simple one. Those of us in the industry know differently.

Published: 12/27/2011

Low-Cost Processing, Long-Term Problems
You can't cut your way to prosperity.

Published: 11/28/2011

The Importance of Melt & Mold Temperature
Molders should realize how significantly process conditions can influence the final properties of the part.

Published: 10/25/2011

The Effects of Stress
Previously we have discussed the effects of temperature and time on the long-term behavior of polymers. Now let's take a look at stress.

Published: 9/30/2011

The Strain Rate Effect
The rate of loading for a plastic material is a key component of how we perceive its performance.

Published: 8/23/2011

The Effects of Time
Last month we briefly discussed the influence of temperature on the mechanical properties of polymers and reviewed some of the structural considerations that govern these effects.

Published: 7/27/2011

The Effects of Temperature
The polymers we work with follow the same principles as the body: the hotter the environment becomes, the less performance we can expect.