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Published: 12/30/2013

PlasticComp Extrudes LFT Pipes & Profiles
The system uses crosshead profile dies to coextrude fiber tows and unidirectional tapes as continuous axial reinforcement in the extruded profile.

Published: 12/18/2013

Extrusion/Compounding at K 2013: Having It All
Extrusion processors no longer need to chose among speed, quality, and flexibility, based on exhibits at K 2013.

Published: 11/26/2013

News Aplenty In Extrusion
Last month brought a spate of developments that extrusion processors should find interesting.

Published: 9/23/2013

Pull Yourself to More Accurate, Repeatable Medical Tubing
The puller is the heart of the tubing extrusion process. While material throughput rate is generated by the extruder, and the tubing is initially formed in the die, it’s the puller that develops the ID/OD and wall thickness.

Published: 8/28/2013

News in Medical Tubing & Materials
Two innovations in medical tubing and more than a dozen new materials, coatings, and adhesives were on display at June’s Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) East show in Philadelphia.

Published: 8/26/2013

K 2013 Preview: Extrusion, Compounding, Recycling
Across all extrusion technologies, expect to see new standards in speed, quality, flexibility, and efficiency in both energy and material usage.

Published: 8/26/2013

CertainTeed Cuts No Corners Toward Sustainable Certainty
At this building-products powerhouse, the commitment to sustainability runs deep and extends to virtually every aspect of its business.

Published: 7/29/2013

Corrugated Pipe-Machine Makers Unite
Adescor builds downstream equipment for corrugated pipe production, and has worked with Unicor for years on numerous projects in North America.

Published: 7/29/2013

Graham Expands Into Sheet with Welex Purchase
Machine building to move to York, Pa.

Published: 7/29/2013

Evaluating a Corrugator For Small Tube Applications
Here's a review some of the key variables in the technology and how they impact the process.