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Published: 2/15/2019

Recycling a Key Focus at The Packaging Conference
Packaging trends, innovation and initiatives were discussed—all with an emphasis on sustainability.  

Published: 1/21/2019

New Global Alliance Commits More Than $1B to Help End Plastic Waste in the Environment
An alliance of global companies from the plastics and consumer goods value chain launched a new organization to advance solutions to eliminate plastic waste in the environment, especially in the ocean.

Published: 1/16/2019

RPC Launches Cup Recycling Initiative
The company is working with its sister business from the RPC Group, RPC bpi recycled products, so that vending suppliers and operators who collect their own used cups can deliver them to the RPC bpi facility in Scotland. 

Published: 1/10/2019

Costa Rican Startup Makes Cement Blocks with Recycled Ocean-Bound Plastic
This new aggregate—consisting of 80% waste plastic and 20% organic additive—is designed to mix with cement.

Published: 12/18/2018

Plastic Bottle Recycling Declined in 2017
The five-year compounded annual growth rate for plastic bottle recycling was 0.1 percent.

Published: 12/17/2018

BASF Develops Pilot Products Made From Chemically Recycled Plastics
As a next step, BASF plans to make the first products from the ChemCycling project commercially available.

Published: 12/5/2018

Glove Waste Recycled through Kimberly-Clark Program
The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution sought to reduce waste in its own operations, an obvious target was the high volume of laboratory gloves used by researchers in its facilities.

Published: 11/15/2018

'Single-Use' Named 2018 Word of the Year
The solution to the negative perception? Sustainable innovation.

Published: 11/9/2018

Additional Companies Sign New Plastics Economy Global Commitment
Signatories include raw material producers Borealis AG, Ecovative, Indorama Ventures Public Co. Limited, NatureWorks, Novamont SpA and more. 

Published: 10/24/2018

HP, Lonely Whale Discuss Scaling the Use of Ocean-Bound Plastic
Ellen Jackowski, global head of sustainability strategy and innovation at HP Inc., and Dune Ives, executive director at Lonely Whale, discuss developing the first global network of ocean-bound plastics supply chains.