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Published: 3/20/2018

Storage Rack Can Be Customized
Modular structure allows for height adjustment on the shelves.

Published: 3/20/2018

High Tech Laser & Polishing Purchases Large 4-axis Laser
The technology will expand the company's laser engraving and laser texturing capabilities.

Published: 3/20/2018

Trunnion Lifter Slide Cuts Mold Build Time, Cost
Lifter slides come in inch and metric and are available with or without self-lubricating graphite. 

Published: 3/20/2018

Variety of New Hot Runner Products Featured
Gunther Hot Runner Systems Inc. has a new control unit, power connector, valve-gate system and split-nozzle shaft to share at NPE2018.

Published: 3/14/2018

Flat Centering Unit Enables High-Precision Centering of Inserts
Meusburger designed its E 1307 centering installs with minimum space, providing inserts with maximum space utilization within the insert.

Published: 3/4/2018

Linked-Valve Reimagines Stock Manifold Block Customization
Patent-pending system from Plastixs allow a single lever to simultaneously operate mold cooling supply and return lines. 

Published: 2/18/2018

Tooling: Metal 3D Printer and High-Speed Milling in One Machine
Laser sinter metal powder and perform CNC machining of tooling components in the same machine.

Published: 2/18/2018

Tooling: Quick Changes for Mold Inserts
Haidlmair changes mold inserts in a few minutes with an air hose and simple tools.

Published: 2/18/2018

TOOLING: New Developments in Tooling For In-Mold Assembly
Multiple rotating plates index in and out of the mold to produce parts with up to six materials.

Published: 2/16/2018

Injection-Blow Tooling System Reduces Labor, Improves Quality
Liberty IBM System is said to overcome long-standing limitations of injection-blow tooling.