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Published: 2/24/2015

TOOLING: Quick- Change Mold Clamps
Adjustable clamps provide high pressure with low torque.

Published: 2/24/2015

TOOLING: New Mold Components at NPE
Magnets hold metal inserts; component allows two cooling channels to cross each other in the same plane.

Published: 2/24/2015

TOOLING: Rust Preventive for Molds
Wax/oil-impregnated wrap blocks moisture.

Published: 2/24/2015

TOOLING: New Offerings for Plastic & Paint Stripping from Metal Parts
Wider range of fluidized-bed cleaners.

Published: 2/24/2015

INJECTION MOLDING: Updated Mold Simulation Software
Conformal cooling, improved hot-runner simulation, MuCell foam, and more.

Published: 1/28/2015

TOOLING: Novel Air Poppet Valve Resists High Pressures
Poppet valve for parts removal from injection molds keeps parts from sticking.

Published: 10/1/2014

Mold Cleaner Contains No Chlorinated Solvents
The newest formulation of Slide Products’ Mold Cleaner Plus Degreaser 4 contains no chlorinated solvents and is less expensive, helping reduce the cost of mold maintenance and increasing worker and workplace safety.

Published: 9/30/2014

DLC Coating Reduces Wear on Latch Locking Units
The functional surfaces of Hasco’s Z170, Z171 and Z174 latch locking units feature a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating designed to minimize friction and wear.

Published: 9/29/2014

Maintenance Tracking Software Updated for Speed
The newest release of ToolingDocs’ MoldTrax software for tracking the performance and maintenance of molds and dies offers several features designed to make it faster and stronger.

Published: 9/29/2014

Mold Core and Cavity Repair Restores Damaged Parts
Ezell Precision Tool, which produces mold cores, sleeves, cavities, and other die and mold-ready components, offers a service that refurbishes damaged mold cores, cavities and other tooling to print dimensions at a cost that it says typically is 70-...