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11/18/2005 | 1 MINUTE READ

9-Layer Leading Edge Blown Film Technology

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With a trend towards more and more layers, die manufacturers face a number of challenges.

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With a trend towards more and more layers, die manufacturers face a number of challenges. Battenfeld Gloucester Engineering's new 9-layer Optiflow™ LP (low profile) die maintains the same design strategy as its 5- and 7-layer Optiflow dies – keeping the polymer residence time as short as possible. This shorter flow path combines the layers without interfacial instabilities occurring. The improved spiral design and the seal technology insure no layer-to-layer contamination and the modified spiral lengths add greater processing flexibility. Though the number of layers has increased, the innovative concentric mandrel design allows the die to remain the same low profile height – up to 50% shorter than a conventional stack die, making it user friendly and more efficient for installation, operation and maintenance. All die components are machined from the highest aircraft-grade drop-forged, through-hardened, and uniformly stress-relieved alloy steel to prevent distortion from pressure and mutiple heating and cooling cycles. This great dimensional-stability yields exceptionally uniform flow rates and superb gauge control. For maximum uptime, the taper-lock self-aligning die parts can be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily at a customer's plant. All flow surfaces are electroless nickel plated as standard to resist abrasion and corrosion, with other coatings available as an option. (207 words) • Nine layers for greater processing flexibility • Low profile height for easier installation, operation and maintenance • Shorter flow path combines layers without interfacial instabilities • Improved spiral designs and seals prevent layer-to-layer contamination • Highest aircraft-grade drop-forged through-hardened alloy steel • Uniformly stress relieved to prevent distortion • Dimensional stability yields exceptionally uniform flow rates and superior gauge control • Taper-locked, self aligning die parts for quick and easy assembly • Electroless nickel plated flow surfaces to resist abrasion and corrosion