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5/9/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

A New 'PLASTICS' Addresses Changing Consumer Perceptions

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Let’s talk about Plastics! The Plastics Industry Association has launched This Is Plastics, an interactive website with articles, infographics and quizzes intended to help those of us in the plastics industry have educated and meaningful conversations with family and friends about just how vital the material is.

The Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) is taking NPE2018 to introduce This Is Plastics, a resource designed to provide plastics-industry employees with information to answer consumer questions and correct mistaken beliefs they may have about the material.

Many consumers take for granted—or are simply unaware of—the array of benefits plastics offer. Still others perceive plastics as dangerous or harmful. To remind them of all the positives that plastics bring to their everyday lives, This Is Plastics (ThisIsPlastic.com) has articles, infographics and interactive quizzes to intended to help plastics industry employees to aid their family, friends and neighbors understand just how vital the material is.

This Is Plastics is a new initiative following trade association’s rebranding efforts. Mia Quinn, vice president of communications for PLASTICS, has worked for the past year to rebrand the organization—known as the Society of the Plastics Industry since 1937—in an effort to add clarity to its mission.

“There is so much history within our association and pride with our former name,” Quinn says. “But our new name clearly defines who we are and who we represent. We are a forward-thinking association that believes in plastics’ ability to improve people’s lives.” Some of these improvements include innovations in building and construction, printing, and the medical industry.

Quinn believes that PLASTICS must emphasize such innovations to address consumer perception of plastics as unsafe or harmful. She says, “Knowing that our lightweight materials help doctors save and make lives better helps me love what I do, every day.” Quinn seeks to spread awareness of this and other benefits plastics have in our lives.

In addition, Quinn says that while the mission of PLASTICS to further the goals of the many businesses that make up its membership has not changed, “the rebrand is a complete overhaul of our existing brand. I am proud of the storytelling behind PLASTICS, including one of our first videos and our tagline that reflects why we do what we do: Better Industry. Better World.”

The rebrand is part of PLASTICS’ campaign to educate plastics industry employees on how to tackle questions they receive from family and friends about the safety of plastics. Quinn believes that the rebrand will go a long way towards allaying consumer fears that plastics are unsafe and will, she says, “continue driving the plastics industry forward.”

You can visit ThisIsPlastics.com for more information.


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