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8/26/2013 | 1 MINUTE READ

A ‘To-Do’ List for Improving Sustainability

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Sustainable Solutions Corp., Royersford, Pa., has worked with CertainTeed and other plastics processors over the years on sustainability initiatives. Here’s its list of what processors need to do to get started on a sustainability program:

1. Establish a benchmarking and measurement system for parameters related to environmental, economic and social performance of your organization.

2. Conduct a sustainability assessment of your facility.

3. Establish a sustainability team and train them on principles of sustainability. Use benchmark and sustainability assessment data to establish site sustainability goals.

4. Train employees on energy, water, and waste reduction.

5. Reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint by integrating energy conservation measures in your facility.
a. Optimize air compressors and reduce air leaks.
b. Upgrade lighting to include the most efficient fixtures and occupancy controls.
c. Optimize chillers and cooling tower systems.

6. Integrate waste-heat recovery for process and building heating.

7. Develop a water balance for all water utilized within your facility.

8. Install low-flow fixtures in restrooms and locker rooms and reduce water use for irrigation.

9. Close the loop on process cooling-water systems.

10. Develop a materials flow diagram for your facility and implement a waste minimization program.

11. Eliminate waste to landfill. Establish a recycling program for all purge and off-spec materials.

12. Conduct training on general sustainability to improve employee engagement.

13. Tell the world about your achievements. Establish a green marketing program.