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AmTopp To Boost Additive Concentrates Capacity

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With an eye on meeting shorter lead times, this additive concentrates manufacturer has expansion plans underway.

Plastics additives concentrates manufacturer AmTopp Concentrates, a division of Inteplast Group, Livingston, New Jersey, will be ramping up production to meet increasing market demand for shorter lead times. The company is installing a new Farrel CP 1000 continuous mixer, a duplicate of an existing one in operation at its 120,000 sq.ft. facility in Lolita, Texas. The new installation will result in seven extrusion lines operating at this plant with a total capacity of 68 million lb/yr.

            The company’s portfolio includes a wide variety of additive concentrates including UV stabilizers, process aids, slip agents, anti-blocking agents, highly-loaded filled materials, a full range of white and color concentrates, and compounds used to produce PP and PE films and a full-range of injection-molded and blow-molded thermoplastic products for packaging, automotive, building products and other industries.  Noting that the new capacity for additive concentrates will be available within first quarter 2015, AmTopp sales manager Kevin Hicks says, “We find that our highly-loaded white color compounds are in especially high demand and the Farrel continuous mixers are perfect for these concentrates and performance additives of the highest quality for film, thermoforming, injection and blow molding.”