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6/25/2014 | 1 MINUTE READ

ADDITIVES: Liquid Phosphite Antioxidant Gets FDA's Green Light For Food Packaging

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Addivant's next-generation liquid phosphite now approved for food-contact applications boasts better properties and processing than its solid counterparts.

Weston 705 liquid antioxidant has received FDA approval for food-contact applications. Said to represent the next generation of nonylphenol-free phosphite technology, this additive is available from Addivant, the one-year old company formed from the Antioxidant and UV Stabilizer business of Chemtura, Corp. Addivant recently moved into its new headquarters in Danbury, Conn., from where it currently operates 11 plants on five continents and nine technology and application testing centers worldwide.

            This liquid phosphite has been extensively researched and supported with comprehensive toxicological  testing and is touted for its enhanced polymer performance and higher processing productivity vs. conventional solid phosphites, in addition its superior safety profile. Weston 705, which looks, handles and functions like Weston TNPP phosphite but is nonylphenol free and higher in phosphorus content--requiring up to 18% lower loadings, has become the preferred secondary antioxidant for LLDPE and HDPE.  With the FDA approval, it can now be used in a wide range of food packaging, from deli wrap to snack food bags and from carton liners to boil-in-bags, as well as non-food packaging and non-packaging applications. It has been shown to deliver a tenfold improvement in color protection and one-fourth the gels vs. standard antioxidants, along with better film quality at thinner.   


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