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Addivant to Triple Capacity for Workhorse Phosphite Antioxidant

Increased interest in Weston 705 for PE food packaging spurs Addivant to invest in capacity expansion.


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A multi-million dollar expansion program that will triple the capacity for “workhorse” liquid, nonylphenol-free liquid phosphite antioxidant is underway by Addivant, Danbury, Conn. The expansion is taking place at the company’s Morgantown, W.Va., and has been spurred by increasing demand for Weston 705, which has received extensive regulatory approvals for use in food packaging and allows processors of PE films and rigid formats to meet food packaging needs without using nonylphenol chemistry.


Addivant’s president & CEO John Steitz indicates that further strategic investments in their global operations will be made to support the growing market demand for Weston 705. Interest in PE film with Weston 705 has grown significantly as consumers demand greater transparency about the chemical composition of the packaging that touches their foods—particularly organic and natural food products.