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Akcros Expands Capacity of PVC Powder Stabilizers

Expansion to meet demand in flexible flooring and wall coverings.


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Major global supplier of PVC mixed-metal stabilizer technology Akcros Chemicals, New Brunswick, N.J., has completed another capacity expansion for its power stabilizers at this site. Powder stabilizers and boosters are used to prevent PVC degradation during the manufacturing process of flexible PVC articles such as flooring and wall coverings.

The expansion will allow the company to meet increased demand for general-purpose and FDA-approved powder stabilizers as well as high-performance power boosters. “This investment demonstrates Akcros’ dedication to the PVC market and the New Brunswick plant, which is experiencing a ‘renaissance’ from two expansions within the last year; one for Intercide solid biocides and the latest for increased Akcrostab mixed-metal powder capacity,” says JC de Haan, business development manager.


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