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Akcros Invests In Safe, High-Quality Biocides

The start-up of manufacturing of pelletized isothiazalone-based biocides is underway at Akcros's New Brunswick facility.


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Akcros Chemicals, Inc., New Brunswick, N.J., has started up the in-house manufacturing of isothiazolone-based biocide solid carriers for the global market at the New Brunswick facility, capping off an over $1-million investment designed to bring customers enhanced quality control, regulatory approvals and reliability of supply for Intercide biocides in pellet form.

            Vini Shah, biocide product manager says the Intercide product line manufactures here consists of OIT, DCOIT active biocide in both liquid and now solid polymer carriers. These products are typically used in the construction and home goods markets to inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms on flexible PVC products. Production of the solid Biocides is expected to enhance control over quality of the product, ease of EPA/BRP/Canadian approvals and consistent supply.

            Last year, Akcros and Dow Microbial Control, Midland, Mich., extended their strategic relationship for biocides for plastics applications on a global basis. Under the agreement, Dow Microbial Control transferred manufacturing equipment and provided Akcros with additional expertise to manufacture an enhanced line of isothiazolone-based solid carriers. These products, previously under Dow’s Vinyzene tradename, are now being manufactured in New Brunswick as part of the Intercide biocide product line for polymers and brought to market by Akcros.