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Albis Plastic and Barnet Launch Recycling Joint Venture

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The new Albis Barnet Polymers company will recycle, repelletize, and market post-industrial raw material, and use them to compound Albis' componds.

Germany’s Albis Plastic (U.S. office in Sugar Land, Texas), a global operation in the distribution and compounding of technical thermoplastics, has teamed up with William Barnet & Son, a global specialist in the production, recycling, and trading of fibers, yarn and polymers (including PP, PET, nylons 6 and 66, and acrylic), have formed Albis Barnet Polymers LLC, with Albis as the majority shareholder.

Headquartered in Duncan, S.C., the new joint venture will recycle, repelletize, and market post-industrial raw materials, as well as use them in the compounding of Albis' Altech Eco recycled products. This move sees both companies investing heavily in recycling technology and the product offering of sustainable compounds in near-to-prime quality, according to Albis Plastic’s CEO Phillip Krahn.  Albis is also constructing a production facility for engineered compounds at this site, which will initially handle a capacity of 15,000 tons/yr, with completion slated for second quarter 2017.



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