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APPLICATION: First Wine Bottle Closures Made with 'Green' PE

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Braskem's 'Green' PE featured in Nomacorc's first 100% renewably-sourced wine closures.

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Nomacorc, Zebulon, N.C., a leading producer of plastic wine-bottle closures, is said to the first to create one using Braskem’s “I’m green” PE made from sugarcane ethanol.


The Select Bio closures mirror Nomacorc’s current Select Series in oxygen transmission. “By using Braskem’s green PE, we can offer our customers a carbon-neutral wine closure that will not only be consistent and optimal for their wines, but also allows them to create a more sustainable packaging solution,” says Nomacorc’s principal scientist Olav Aagaard. Braskem is a major Brazilian chemicals and plastics producer with a U.S. office in Philadelphia.


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