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APPLICATION: High-Diffusion PC Featured In Low-Cost, Award-Winning LED Bulb

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The high-diffusion Lexan PC enables the injection-blow molding of the Infinia LED bulb resulting in a bulb with omnidirectional evenly dispersed light.

Related Suppliers

Switch Lighting Co., San Jose, Calif., used a high-diffusion Lexan LUX PC from SABIC Innovative Plastics, Pittsfield, Mass., to manufacture what is said to be one of the lowest-cost residential LED bulbs on the market. The Infinia LED A-lamp bulb, which retails as low as $11.99, and $3.99 or less in markets with utility rebates, was the winner of the 2013 Lighting for Tomorrow Award for best LED bulb.

            SABIC’s Lexan with Max Diffusion technology, which is used in the globe of the Infinia, optimizes diffusion by eliminating hotspot and dark areas at the top of the globe. In addition, by opting for a material that can be injection-blow molded, Switch was able to make a bulb with omnidirectional evenly dispersed light, which mimics the light distribution of incandescent bulbs. SABIC also provided in-depth experiences in part consolidation, integration, and part optimization helping Switch design a simplified lamp. (413) 448-7110 • sabic-ip.com