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2/27/2014 | 1 MINUTE READ

APPLICATION: Synthetic Reinforcement Used in PP Door Trim

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Milliken's Hyperform HPR-803i magnesium-based reinforcing fibers adds exterior door trim to its cache of automotive applications.

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Since its launch in 2009, Hyperform HPR-803i, a synthetic magnesium-based reinforcing fiber from Milliken Chemical Co., Spartanburg, S.C., has been used in PP compounds for auto interior components such as tailgates and B-pillar trim. Most recently, it was used by a European Tier I supplier for the exterior door trim of a new production crossover vehicle, demonstrating its aesthetic as well as lightweighting benefits. In this case, a density reduction of 8% was achieved for the part through the replacement of 20% talc with a combination of 8% talc and 3.5% HPR-803i.

            Hyperform-reinforced PP compounds are now available from North American as well as European compounders, including Washington Penn Plastics, Washington, Pa., Noble Polymers, Grand Rapids, Mich., and Albis, Sugar Land, Texas. This reinforcing agent allows automotive designers to create parts that maintain properties with less filler than conventional materials, making them up to 15% lighter. Large injection molded PP parts can be produced with only 12% HPR-803i instead of 30% talc. PP compounds reinforced with this fiber are said to retain excellent stiffness/impact balance and HDT, even after multiple recycling and compounding operations. Improved surface appearance has also been shown, allowing processors to reduce pigment usage while meeting color requirements. Ditto for scratch resistance, allowing for further formulation optimization.

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