August 2020 ISSUE

Plastics Technology August 2020
August 2020 | Digital Edition

Breaking Barriers: Sheet Processor Makes Move on High-End Packaging Market

Impact Plastics sets up new brand with game-changing disruptive technology that combines a novel PP with customized equipment that looks to upend the business of extruded sheet for barrier food packaging.
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Injection Molding

Five Questions to Ask Before Instrumenting a Mold

There are plenty of good reasons for putting sensors in a mold—but what is most important for your application? Answer that first, before considering what type of sensor to use and where to locate it.

Injection Molding

Low-Pressure Injection Process Facilitates ‘Green Molding’

Besides speed and quality advantages, the low-pressure iMFLUX process is said to enhance sustainability—easing use of recycled and biobased materials, saving energy, reducing scrap, and adding lightweighting potential. See what molders say about these “green” benefits.


Mitigating and Troubleshooting Underwater Pelletizing Issues

There’s a shift to underwater pelletizing systems as compounders strive to produce higher-quality pellets. But underwater pelletizers are not general-purpose tools. Follow these steps to help ensure you maintain throughput, pellet quality and efficiency.