April 2020 ISSUE

April 2020 Plastics Technology
April 2020 | Digital Edition

Award-Winning Package Boosts Lindar's Thermoforming Credentials

Custom thermoformer Lindar has experienced years of steady growth, with numerous technical advances to its credit, as it continues to expand its capabilities in packaging and industrial markets. 


Purging Compounds

Be Proactive in Your Purging Program

True, it can be tough to take a machine out of production, but a purging maintenance program should be thought of as a direct line to cost savings.

Injection Molding

Time for Another Look at Fiber-Direct Compounding for Molding

Despite its benefits in cost, performance and lightweighting, fiber-direct compounding (FDC) has seen relatively limited adoption—is that changing?
Blow Molding

What ‘Cobots’ Can Do for Blow Molders

Low-cost and easy-to-program collaborative robots are a new solution to bottle handling, trimming and packing automation.