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Baerlocher to Expand Metal Soap Capacity by 50%

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The scheduled major expansion is driven by accelerating demand for stabilizers and other additives from the North American PE and PVC industries.

Baerlocher USA, Cincinnati, Ohio, will add a third reactor for the production of calcium, zinc, sodium and other metal soaps at its Cincinnati facility--a major investment that will boost capacity by 50% when it becomes fully operational this coming June. The company is responding to the steadily accelerating demand from the North American polyolefin and PVC industries. The investment will also support the development of advanced Baerlocher innovations such as the company’s Baeropol RST, polyolefin stabilization technology (see K 2016 Materials and Additives feature in this issue), and solid calcium-based PVC stabilizers. The use of metal soaps has increased significantly with the emphasis on reduction of VOCs and heavy-metal stabilizers, and also organotin-based stabilizers as targeted by European REACH regulations. They are used in PE and PVC applications as acid scavengers, stabilizers, internal and external lubricants, water repellents and mold release agents. 


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