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Barrier PET Containers Highlighted at Husky Booth

Husky’s Multi-Layer Experience Center will be a highlight of its booth.


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If you’re interested in advanced PET barrier packaging, head over to the Multi-Layer Experience Center at Booth W1303, where Husky Injection Molding Systems is prepared to dazzle visitors with concepts for light, oxygen, and carbon dioxide barrier containers, as well as PET bottles with exciting new design and functional treatments that dramatically enhance shelf appeal.

Originally introduced at NPE2015, Husky’s multi-layer co-injected preform technology is said offer enhanced security of barrier performance while reducing total cost. Since 2015, more than 30 of these systems have been sold around the world for applications including carbonated soft drinks, juice, sparkling water, tea, dairy, food, and personal care.

“We are able to support our customers’ ability to design and deliver packaging that responds to the demands of a rapidly changing society. That includes the need for flexible solutions that are more sustainable,” says Dave Morton, v.p. of multi-layer technology. “Our multi-layer technology, paired with new recyclable barrier materials, delivers on this need by providing a functional package that protects the product more efficiently from both a material and total cost perspective.”

The centerpiece of Husky’s booth is its fully integrated HyPET 225 preform molding system, running an 11-g preform in 48 cavities with an 8.2-sec cycle time. Again, the key words are flexibility and productivity. Today, the company is looking beyond just offering more efficient processing equipment and towards the total end-to-end lifecycle of the equipment and molded parts. Husky’s touchstone is “flexible and adaptive manufacturing solutions” for the rapidly changing world that Morton cited. Husky will discuss tooling technologies and OEM spare parts and services that optimize production processes while extending the life of manufacturing equipment and reducing total part costs.

“Over the last several years, we have invested significantly to further advance our already state-of-the-art equipment. We will always invest in research and development and in building partnerships to be the innovation leader. It’s simply how we define ourselves,” says John Galt, Husky’s president and CEO.

Results of that R&D effort will be presented in the Bottle Zone Technical Forum, new this year at NPE, in talks by Husky subject-matter experts throughout the duration of the show. Another area to look for new developments is in Husky’s valve-gate hot-runner technology, which the company says is providing “incredible gate quality over millions of cycles with reduced cost of ownership.”