Blow Molding | 1 MINUTE READ

Bottles and Blow Molding? You Bet!

Dedicated 65,000-nsf zone in the South Hall features manufacturers and suppliers to the bottle blow molding industry, as well technical forums and networking opportunities.


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The Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) says the all-new Bottle Zone here at NPE2018 is sold out, giving industry participants serving that sector a one-stop-shop in Orlando to see the latest technologies for the market from the nearly 90 exhibitors in the South Hall zone, as well as hear about the latest trends in the accompanying Technical Forum.

The forum will have sessions on topics ranging from raw materials—including barrier additives—and preform and closure manufacture, to bottle blow molding, filling, inspection, handling and recycling. Speaking companies include Agr International, Conair, Dow Chemical, Frigel, Husky, Lanfranchi, Moretto, SIPA, Tech-Long Packaging Machinery and W. Amsler Equipment.

The forum takes place Monday through Thursday in the South Hall, Level 1, Booth S17081, with sessions starting at 10 am on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, with a 10:45 start on Thursday. On Monday, the forum wraps up at 1:30 pm, while running to 3:45 on Tuesday and Wednesday, before wrapping up for good on Thursday at 3:00 pm. 

The Bottle Zone was created with the support of partners PETplanet, drinktec and the International Society of Beverage Technologists (ISBT). Among the exhibitors are suppliers of resins, colorants, additives, preforms, molds, dryers, labeling equipment, filling machinery, capping technology, closure design, inspection equipment and recyclers.