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Brabender NEW ScrewDisc Feeder


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Brabender Technologie NEW ScrewDisc Feeder For optimum performance in feeding pellets and free flowing granules, the Brabender ScrewDisc Loss-in-Weight feeder offers a Pulsationless flow over a wide feed rate range. This Economical and Compact feeder features large storage, a bottom driven vertical screw and pellet-by-pellet feed flow due to the unique disc design. ScrewDisc offers production versatility with quick recipe changeover. A four feeder loss-in-weight blender is shown. Brabender Technologie, a worldwide leader in feeder technology, has been providing feeding equipment for over 40 years. An innovator with a proven track record for quality and reliability Brabender has equipment operating all over the world with hundreds of feeder systems in North America alone. For more information on the NEW Brabender ScrewDisc Feeder please contact Glenda Ogley @ 888-284-4574 or by e-mail – gogley@brabenderti.com