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NEW – Brabender Pharmaceutical FlexWall Screw Feeder Brabender's Pharmaceutical FlexWall Screw Feeder. Model – PH – FW40Plus – 30 feeds powders/granules from 0.1 to 21 cu ft/hr. Totally enclosed and totally sealed, polished 316LSS contact and outside. AC motor and mechanics are enclosed and sealed in easy access 316SS housing. External surfaces are circular horizontal and conical with the Tri Clover hygienic fittings on process and external component connections. The FlexWall “Mass Flow” geometry uses enclosed external paddle activation to fill the screw to a consistent bulk density. The control includes volumetric, loss in weight and loss in weight batching. The Mono Block, single digital filtered DigiMASS-2 scale is also sealed For more information on the “NEW” Brabender Pharmaceutical FlexWall Screw Feeder please contact