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Brabender's MetaStation 4E + W50EHT

In this Digital Demo, Brabender Technologie Inc. reviews the newly developed table drive MetaStation 4E, which you can use to digitize your laboratory processes.


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With the newly developed table drive MetaStation 4E, from Brabender Technologie Inc., you can digitize your laboratory processes.

The web-based laboratory management software, MetaBridge, is easy to operate via touchscreen. Increase the efficiency of your workflow with integrated functions such as access-controlled method selection, web-based support and data export via LAN. Access your laboratory projects simultaneously with multiple users, regardless of location and device. The efficient MetaBridge device software allows you to control several devices and expands your analysis options through data consolidation.

The modern torque rheometer combines compactness with maximum flexibility: the drive covers an outstandingly wide range of applications, precisely fitting for a laboratory table. The newly developed drive unit has a modular design: You can also connect larger mixers and extruders via a docking station.

Maximum scalability opens up an extensive range of compatible measuring heads, die heads and mixers.

The recently launched model with a drive power of 4.2 kW is more powerful than the Plastograph-EC table-top drive. When analyzing your materials, you have six temperature control zones and true torque measurements up to 200 NM.