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5/11/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Next Gen: What Inspired You to Attend NPE2018?

Originally titled 'Bridging the Gap'
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Lots of students are here at NPE2018. Some of them are on the cusp of graduating, and some are just getting into their upper-level courses. Knowing that they have their eyes on the horizon, we asked—What inspired you to attend NPE2018?


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What inspired you to attend NPE2018?


“I’m most excited about getting to network with all the different companies and see the new technology that’s coming out—just getting to talk to all of the different companies and check out the different demonstrations and see what’s going on in the industry.”

Austin Adamczyk

Junior, Ferrist State University, Plastics Engineering Major


“I hope to see emerging technologies in the industry and figure out a focus that interests me. I have a co-op lined up with a medical device company, so I was hoping to see some of the perspectives of other companies in that field on the future, and how I can play a role in it. I have been to the Medical Parts Processing Zone. I was extremely impressed, and I hope that I can someday come back and have made a difference.”

Connor Greenfield

Sophomore, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Plastics Engineering Major


“The thing I’m most excited about at NPE is getting to walk around and experience my first real NPE show—all the networking opportunities and the latest and greatest technology coming out. I’m really excited to see the electric injection molding machines and see how quiet they are. It’s just been a blast.”

Robert Kennedy

Junior, Ferris State University, Plastics Engineering Major


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