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Bruckner Buys Kiefel

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A merger in Germany creates a new force in plastics machinery.

A merger in Germany creates a new force in plastics machinery. Bruckner Group (U.S. office in Greenville, S.C.), specialist in cast film extrusion and orienting, has purchased Kiefel AG. One of Kiefel’s two main branches (parent of Kiefel Technologies, Hampton, N.H.) makes thermoforming and welding equipment. Kiefel Extrusion GmbH (parent of Kiefel Inc., Wrentham, Mass.) is known for blown film systems and winders.


  • Don’t Wind Wrinkles Into Your Film

    Wrinkles are a major cause of defects in extrusion winding and converting, especially with thinner films, which are much more wrinkle-prone than thick ones. The cause of most wrinkles is located close to the roller where the wrinkle first appears and can be identified by looking at the orientation and pattern of the wrinkle. First, find the cause; then try to eliminate or at least reduce it.

  • The New Look in Plastic -- It's Paper!

    Synthetic paper based on filled polyethylene or polypropylene film has been around for decades without causing much excitement--until recently.

  • Slip Agents: Extended Performance Range for Polyolefin Films

    Newer specialty slip masterbatches go beyond traditional capabilities to provide greater thermal stability, reliability, and ability to hold COF steady during laminating.