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12/13/2016 | 1 MINUTE READ

Burger and Brown Engineering Appoints New Vice President

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Corey Brown will take over as vice president starting Jan. 1, 2017.

Burger & Brown Engineering, Inc. has announced the appointment of Corey Brown as vice president starting Jan. 1, 2017. Corey spent two years as an operations support specialist for Bungee North America Inc. and two years as a project engineer for Schenck Process LLC. He became a project engineer for Burger & Brown Engineering in May of 2014 taking on the engineering manager’s position in January of 2015. He will work closely with Mark Brown managing all aspects of the business and in time assume management of the day to day operations. Mark Brown remains CEO and Chairman of the Board and will focus on strengthening existing and developing new customer relationships.

Phil Burger founded Burger Engineering in 1978 after working nearly 10 years as a mechanical engineer in the plastics industry. In the early years, Phil designed and built special equipment for manufacturers. In 1982, the company began building injection molds for area plastics companies. During its years as a mold-builder, Burger Engineering developed several unique and useful accessories for molders and launched the Smartflow product line.

Mark Brown joined the firm in 1994 as vice president after working for six years in the confectionary industry as a mechanical engineer automating processes. By 1997, Mark had purchased a minority position in the company and assumed responsibility for daily operations. In 2002, the company name was officially changed to Burger & Brown Engineering and Mark was named President in 2005 with controlling interest in the company.