C3 Cold Climate Cooler System for Cold Weather Areas


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Mokon's new C3 Cold Climate Cooler System offers a cost-effective solution to process cooling in cold weather areas. The system uses ambient air temperature to cool fluid in a closed loop system that requires no make-up water or expensive chemical treatments. The C3 system is available with cooling capacities up to 140 tons and flow capacities up to 390 gpm. "The C3 Cold Climate Cooler System saves water and energy and is environmentally friendly," says Jeff Mallon, sales manager for Mokon. "The system also extends the life of your chiller. During cold weather, you can turn off your chiller and use the Cold Climate Cooler." The overall design provides for long-life and durability. The only moving parts are the fans. Quality and craftsmanship can be found throughout, such as noncorrosive construction and the incorporation of side access panels for easy coil inspection and cleaning. The C3 system is available in multiple sizes and configurations with a variety of pumping capacities. All of these features and more in an energy-efficient design. The C3 system is also an ideal addition to a Mokon central chiller and pump tank system. The Cold Climate Cooler can be integrated to provide maximum cooling at minimal cost.