Carbonated Beverage Bottle Gets Even Lighter

Cutting soft-drink bottle weight another 30-45%.

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PET bottle machinery supplier Krones AG in Germany (U.S. office in Franklin, Wis.) recently won the iF Packaging Design Award in the Beverages category for its “PET lite 9.9 carbonated” PET bottle, which weighs only 9.9 g, 30-45% less than comparable 0.5L PET containers on the market, which weigh 14-18 g. This was achieved by dividing the bottle design into two functional regions: Most of the PET is in the upper part with a thicker wall for good opening and handling. The walls in the lower section need only half as much material. Krones also reduced closure weight by replacing the usual screw cap with a tear-off “ringpull” closure; and the directprinted bottles require no label. The award was announced Feb. 28 in Munich, Germany,
by iF International Forum GmbH of

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