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Clariant Now Offers Custom-Colored Engineering Resins In Smaller Quantities

Company aims to fill the gap as resin companies rationalize product lines.


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Switzerland’s Clariant (U.S. office in Charlotte, N.C.), is now offering its Renol pre-colored engineering thermoplastic compounds in both small quantities (as small as 220 lbs) and mid-size quantities. These compounds can be delivered from specialty compounding plants in North America (Holden, Mass., and Albion, Mich.), as well as plants in Europe, and Asia.


This move is in response to recent decisions by some of the larger resin companies to discontinue many custom-colored resin grades. This restructuring has affected various grades of ABS, PC, PBT, PPO, PPE, among many others. “This has left some users in a difficult position. Many colors are no longer available directly from

the resin companies. This is why Clariant’s Specialty Compounding group is stepping in to fill the gap,” notes Peter Prusak, head of marketing for Clariant Masterbatches North America.


Prusak further explained that the affected resins now may only be available through distributors and pre-colored compounds can only be purchased in large quantities, if available at all. “In cases where the resin is available but specific colors have been discontinued, Clariant can source the natural polymer and deliver a custom-colored Renol compound. If an alternative grade is acceptable or a similar resin from another supplier is available, we will also be able to help.”


Companies that need resins for medical devices and pharmaceutical packaging, requiring ISO 10093 and/or USP Class VI compliance and change-control assurances, can get them from plants in Lewiston, Maine, Malmo, Sweden, and Singapore. Each of these plants are part of a dedicated network of ISO13485-certified Clariant plants where Mevopur brand materials are produced. Specialty resins, including melt-processable fluoropolymers like ETFE and FEP, as well as high-temperature plastics like PES and PEEK are also available in batch quantities as small as 55 lbs.


For companies that prefer to purchase uncolored resin or have inventory on hand, Clariant also can provide color masterbatch formulated to their specific grade, color and quantity requirements. Both Renol pellets and HiFormer liquid masterbatch are available for certain selected polymers. This approach is expected to be especially attractive to manufacturers of electrical products and appliances, since many of these devices and the components in them contain engineering plastics that need to meet flammability-resistance standards. Many of the Clariant plant sites mentioned above can also provide Renol masterbatch or compounds that comply with UL 94 flame rating such as HB or up to VO applications.


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