Purging Compounds | 1 MINUTE READ

Clean Plast Purge Compounds Launches Expanded Product Line

Six new mold cleaners and releases nicely round out the Clean Plast portfolio.


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“We have expanded our Clean Plast offering with the launch of the new product line we are highlighting at NPE2108,” says Rochelle Lemieux, President of Clean Plast Purge Compounds, a registered trademark of RGL Sales and Marketing Inc. (Booth W5052)

Clean Plast Purge Compounds are the company’s flagship product. “We have been supplying the injection molding, blow molding and extrusion processors for 22 years,” says Lemieux. Available in a premixed and ready-to-use pellet form, these FDA compliant chemical purging compounds are specifically developed to clean screws, barrels, nozzles, heads/dies and hot runners; and to remove burned material, color hang-ups, deposits and black specks during color and/or material changes. They are engineered for purging a broad range of resins including but not limited to PP, PE, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, nylons, PC, ABS, SAN and PMMA. The different grades have temperature ranges from 250 F to 750 F.

The new expanded product line includes:

● Clean Plast Mold Cleaner and Degreaser, which contains no chlorinated solvents and provides a convenient method for removal of silicones, grease, and oil and wax build-up on mold surfaces without the need for wiping.

● Clean Plast Go Green Mold Cleaner, which is an all-natural formulation based on citrus and vegetable products. It is designed for oil-spill cleanup and remediation, dewaxing, removal of mold release, and degreasing of molds.

● Clean Plast Mold Rust Preventive, which features an extra-dry spray package. It is said to deliver non-penetrating mist into ejector pin holes, slides, cams and other moving parts which prevents marking of plastic parts during startups.

● Clean Plast Heavy-Duty Mold Release, which is an almost-dry, paintable molded part release and lubricant for ejector pins. It is said to minimize leaching out into molded parts, and can be used on plastics, including glass-filled nylons, rubber, and waxes.

● Clean Plast Food Safe Mold Release, which contains an effective non-silicone release in a non-chlorinated solvent carrier system. It is reportedly highly paintable, permits ultra-sonic welding of parts, and affords thermoplastic release.

● Clean Plast Silicone Mold Release, which contains a non-paintable silicone oil in a non-chlorinated solvent carrier system. It is said to provide excellent releases with all thermoplastics and is approved for indirect food contact.