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Cloeren Completes EMO Purchase

Austria's EMO to operate as Cloeren GmbH as sheet and cast film die and feedblock makers unite.


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Extrusion die and feedblock manufacturer Cloeren Incorporated has completed its acquisition of Austrian die maker EMO. Cloeren, Orange, Texas, bought a 33% stake in EMO last year. Effective immediately EMO will operate as Cloeren GmbH.

“The acquisition of EMO provides Cloeren with a strategic footprint on the European continent. EMO provides Cloeren with a manufacturing, service and repair facility in Europe, and expands Cloeren’s offerings through the integration of EMO’s product lines in to its portfolio, says Cloeren CEO Peter Cloeren. “The extrusion die industry remains a unique business requiring distinctively skilled engineers, designers, and tool and die makers to produce extrusion tooling; and EMO has such a highly accomplished pool of talented craftsman that will contribute greatly to Cloeren quality products.

Cloeren is the world’s largest manufacturer of extrusion dies for sheet, cast film, and coatings.