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5/1/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Digital Daily Newsletter in Spanish for NPE2018

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Spanish Speaking attendees to NPE2018 can stay up-to-date in their own language about the processes, ideas and megatrends that will be at the show.

No doubt that NPE: The Plastics Show is the biggest show in the Americas for the plastics industry and always has been a very appealing destination for Latin American professionals. However, since the show moved to Orlando, Florida, in 2012, the attendance of plastics professionals coming from Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile and the rest of Latin American and Caribbean countries has grown significantly, as Orlando is a very convenient and attractive destination.  

To feed the information needs of the Spanish Speaking community at the show, the editorial team of Plastics Technology Mexico, sister publication of Plastics Technology and part of Gardner Business Media, is producing the official newsletter ‘Noticias de NPE2018 en español’, that highlights information about the processes, ideas and megatrends around plastics that will be making news at NPE2018.

“We will be supporting Latin American and Spanish-speaking visitors with technical and newsworthy content in Spanish so that their visit to the NPE2018 is as productive as possible. We hope that this newsletter will be very useful for the plastics professionals that visit the show, and that the contents our team produces could serve as a guide to navigate the more than one million net square feet of exhibition area, machinery display and specific technical zones,” commented Maria Natalia Ortega, editor-in-chief of Plastics Technology Mexico.

All the contents included in the newsletter and much more can be found in Plastics Technology Mexico web portal (pt-mexico.com), under the NPE Special Zone.

This newsletter has already been delivered three times in the weeks prior the show and will be delivered every morning the show runs.

If you wish to subscribe the newsletter, please send an email to digital@pt-mexico.com.


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