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DSM & Ascend In Global Strategic Nylon 66 Supply Alliance

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Full portfolio of nylon 66 compounds now globally available through supply alliance.


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DSM Engineering Plastics (U.S. office in Birmingham, Mich.) and Ascend Performance Materials, St. Louis, Mo., have formed a global strategic alliance for the supply of compounds based on nylon 66.

Under the agreement, Ascend is now the strategic supplier to DSM for nylon 66 base polymer used for DSM’s Akulon PA66 compounds. In addition, DSM is now distributing Ascend’s portfolio of nylon 66 compounds sold under the Vydyne brand. “Our alliance combines the best of both companies; high-quality products with security of supply and excellent application support when and where it is needed. Customers all around the world can now have access to a full portfolio of Akulon PA66 compounds and Vydyne PA66, together with enhanced application development and innovation capabilities from both Ascend and DSM.” 

Want to find or compare materials data for different resins, grades, or suppliers? Check out Plastics Technology’s Plaspec Global materials database.



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