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DuPont's Spin-Off Chemours Launched

As planned a year ago, DuPont has spun off its Performance Chemicals segment into the newly launched Chemours.


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The new Chemours Company, Wilmington, Del., officially launched on July 1, by ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange, representing the more than a year-old planned spin-off of DuPont Co.’s Performance Chemicals segment. Included are DuPont’s Titanium Technologies and Chemicals and Fluoroproducts business. For plastics processors, key products of interest from the new Chemours include Ti-Pure titanium dioxide pigments and Teflon and Tefzel fluoropolymers.

 “Just as today’s bell-ringing ceremony signals the opening of a new trading day for the stock exchange, it marks a new and exciting beginning for Chemours as well. In just two days, we will complete our transition to an independent, publicly traded company that has both the wisdom and experience of 200 years of DuPont and the energy of a start-up out to make a name for itself,”  said Mark Vergnano, DuPont executive v.p. since 2009, CEO designate of Chemours. 

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