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2/12/2016 | 1 MINUTE READ

Entek Announces Staff Changes

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Compounding machine builder reshuffles sales and marketing team.

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Entek, headquartered in Lebanon, Ore., with facilities in the United Kingdom, has announced several personnel changes in its sales and marketing group.

The supplier of twin-screw extruders and a processor of battery-separator film says that John Effmann, Director of Sales & Marketing, is retiring effective March 31. A plastics industry veteran of over 40 years, John has worked at Entek since 2005 and over that time he helped the company grow its customer base for extruders and wear parts significantly. During his 11 years at Entek, he also served in numerous roles at the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI), where as chairman of NPE2012 he helped lead the move of the triennial show from Chicago to Orlando. 

Linda Campbell has been promoted to Director of Sales. A 28-year Entek employee, Linda most recently served as a Regional Sales Manager for the company. In her new role she will report to Entek President Kirk Hanawalt, and will become part of the Entek Leadership Team. She will be responsible for global sales of the company’s extruders and wear parts and will manage Entek’s team of direct salespeople and representatives. 

Tammy Straw has been promoted to Marketing and Development Manager. In this role, she will assume all of the marketing responsibilities for Entek Extruders and continue to work supporting the company’s wear parts business. Tammy has been with Entek since 1999 and most recently served as Business Development Manager, where she focused her efforts on building the company’s wear parts business.

“We congratulate John on his upcoming retirement,” Hanawalt said. “He has had a great career in the plastics industry and has been an important part of Entek’s growth for the past 11 years. At the same time, we congratulate Linda and Tammy on their new positions. They are all well-deserved promotions and we are confident that we have a great team to lead Entek sales and marketing efforts going forward.” 


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