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Erema Adds Novel System for Recycling Trials

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Erema's latest system is now here.


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The Intrarema 1108 T recycling system introduced by Erema at K 2013 is now available for customer trials at the company’s North American headquarters in Ipswich, Mass. The machine is equipped with Smart Start, Erema’s icon-based, push-button control system; a hot-die-face pelletizer; and an automatic backflushing screenchanger.

Later this spring, it will be joined in Ipswich by an Intrarema 1108 TVEplus, which Erema recommends for materials that are heavily inked and otherwise contaminated.

The Intrarema system includes what Erema calls “counter current” technology to increase production rates and consistency. With counter current, the material flow in the cutter/compactor system is reversed and moves against the direction of the extruder (see image). The inverse tangential configuration of the counter current system is said to ensure that the extruder screw is filled virtually pressure-free with preheated material.

The screw “takes what it needs” so the extruder always has the ideal filling level and is never overfilled, which allows production parameters to be more precisely and efficiently regulated, Erema explains. Other reported benefits include increased process stability, considerably higher throughput, and more efficient use of energy.


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