Erema introduces new system for regrind recycling

The RegrindPro is said to answer a growing demand for the effective processing of regrind materials into high-quality recycled pellets.

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� Austria’s Erema unveiled the RegrindPro, its new regrind recycling system, during the company’s Discovery Day series that took place at the Erema headquarters in Ansfelden, Austria on March 20.

Demand for the processing of regrind materials to make high-quality recycled pellets is growing more and more, particularly in the thick-walled packaging, electronics and automotive sectors. The thick-walled input material (HDPE, PP, ABS, PS, etc.), however, requires a specific treatment process that is designed to handle mixed fractions with varying compositions.

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Erema believes that its RegrindPro meets these requirements for the highly efficient recycling of regrind materials. The key factors of this innovation is its gentle processing and the highly efficient filtration.

In RegrindPro, thick-walled regrind particles are warmed in the preconditioning unit via a slower turning of the patented rotor disc and a longer dwell time than other Intarema systems. This allows material to melt in the extruder with minimal shearing forces while leaving impurities in the melt to remain large enough to be filtered out efficiently by the filter.

Additionally, with the combination of the optimized preconditioning unit with a new, particularly gentle universal screw, the new Intarema RegrindPro offers a high degree of flexibility enabling multipurpose regrind processing.  The same system, for example, can process regrind with varying viscosity, such as HDPE and PP, using the same system with full output in a gentle way.

"The Erema high-performance filter systems additionally ensure continuously high throughput with outstanding melt quality at the same time,” said Clemens Kitzberger, Erema Business Development Manager Post Consumer Recycling. “With the recently enhanced Erema Laserfilter, contaminants are removed even more quickly through the redesign of the scraper geometry and discharge system, resulting in an even better filtration performance."

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