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12/11/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

Erema Opens New Upcycling Facility For Recycled Materials

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The company invested about 2 million Euros in its 'UpCentre' facility, which features a COREMA 1108 T for a maximum monthly production of 500 tons.

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Recycling machinery manufacturer Erema, Ansfelden, Austria, recently opened a new upcycling center at its facility in Austria. The company invested about 2 million Euros in its 'UpCentre' facility, which features a COREMA 1108 T for a maximum monthly production of 500 tons.

"On the way from recyclates to made-to-measure recycling compounds you need a lot of fine tuning in practice: processors demand varying quantities of samples – as often and as long as necessary until the recycling compound meets the exact requirements of their concrete application, such as film or injection molding parts,” said Robert Obermayr, COREMA product manager. “Customers can now take advantage of the UpCentre to produce sample amounts in tons quickly and flexibly. They benefit additionally from the process engineering know-how of Erema and Coperion – two global market leaders in their fields.”

The company says that to enable these recyclates to be used 1:1 as a substitute for virgin material, they have to have exactly specified, customized property profiles. Processors are interested in the recycled pellets allowing trouble-free processing and the assurance of the functional characteristics of the end products produced from them. With its COREMA product line, Erema combined all benefits of recycling and compounding in a single processing step for the first time in 2012. The company has now taken the next step forward with its upcycling facility.

“For exactly specified raw material based on recyclate to feature more and more in the marketplace you need on the one hand the right recycling technologies and, on the other hand, intense communication throughout the entire value added chain,” said Obermayr. “Erema is investing in this communication and the UpCentre is a proactive contribution towards precisely this dialogue taking place.”


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