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Erema To Further Expand Here

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Doubling size of its trial center and adding a new recycling system, all part of Erema North American expansion.

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Austria’s Erema has plans to expand its Erema North America (ENA) headquarters in Ipswich, Mass., starting this month with completion scheduled for late summer. The company’s trial center will be expanded to nearly 26,000 sq.ft from the current 10,763 sq.ft. The company says, its action is driven by growing demand for its recycling systems, especially in the post-consumer segment.

            Moreover, the company will add a fourth recycling system to its center. The new system will be an Intarema 1108 TVEplus with Laserfilter, joining the three existing plants: Intarema 1108 T and 1108 TVEplus—each with Erema melt filter SW RTF, plus an Intarema 605 K.  Says ENA’s CEO Mike Horrocks, “Our North America base represents a major investment showing a strong commitment to North American customers. The facility is a valuable link to Erema’s global headquarters in Austria, allowing customers easy access to Erema equipment, technical support and vast reservoir of knowledge derived from decades of plastics recycling throughout the world.” 


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