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7/14/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

Eriez Introduces Moisture Monitor To The Recycling Industry

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The non-contact electronic scanning device is said to prevent excess water content in recycling processes.

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Eriez, Erie, Pa., has unveiled its new Moisture Monitor, a non-contact electronic scanning device, which is part of the company’s new SMART (System Monitoring and Reporting Technology) product line. The company says it helps to prevent excessive water content in recycling processes to increase metals recovery and decrease costs.

Eriez’ Moisture Monitor measures the water content of material passing through its inspection field. When installed on a conveyor, it reports the moisture content of the material on the belt as a percentage that can be read locally or remotely via the Eriez Metal Loss Monitor (MLM) web portal. 

“This capability is particularly beneficial to the recycling industry as it enable users to better optimize the amount of water injected into the mill to prevent fires and control airborne dust generation,” said Mike Shattuck, Eriez manager of metals recycling. “The mill operator is able to assure sufficient water injection while preventing excessive water content which would interfere with separation, increase metals losses and increase costs due to the added water weight of reject material sent to the landfill.”

The company says the Moisture Monitor is easy to operate, hands-off gauge. Upon installation, simply adjust to zero and put the gauge to work. There is no routine maintenance or re-calibration. Calibration check standards are available for confirmation of long-term gauge stability.


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