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First Large Automotive MID with LDS

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WEB EXCLUSIVE: The German “MID Industry Award” for 2009 was given to the PBT steering switch for the new BMW Z4 Roadster. The switch is said to be the first large commercial molded interconnect device (MID) for automotive made with the laser direct structuring (LDS) technique. It measures 70 x 67 mm x 40 mm high and weighs about 20 g. Previous LDS/MID automotive parts have been tiny sensors weighing just a few grams.

            The part was injection molded by TRW Automotive Systems GmbH in Germany using Pocan DP T 7140 LDS compound from Lanxess AG (U.S. office in Pittsburgh). This material’s high heat resistance (HDT of 250 C/482 F) allows for lead-free vapor-phase soldering at 235 C. The LDS technique, developed by LPKF Laser & Electronics AG (U.S. office in Tualatin, Ore.), allows circuitry to be “drawn” on a part with a laser beam, which activates a special additive that allows for selective plating of metal onto the lines of circuitry.

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