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4/29/2012 | 1 MINUTE READ

Foaming Developments Aplenty in Extrusion

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At NPE2012, Macro Engineering and Technology, Mississauga, Ont., launched new technology to  extrude foamed films in what it describes as an “environmentally friendly process” that uses inert gas as the foaming agent. The technology can foam both blown and cast films. It can be integrated into existing systems to provide lines that can swing between conventional films and foam production.

Foams can expand a film’s thickness by 100% or more, while reducing the density by 40-60%, Macro says. Foaming can also improve film strength, tear-resistance, and create anti-slip properties with a glossy surface. Macro says it has produced a variety of high-quality films at various thicknesses at its film development center. The foams have been based on LLDPE and HDPE blends, PS, and PP. Macro has also created a variety of foams using PLA to create fully compostable structures. Applications include food and medical packaging and glossy film for retail.

Meanwhile, MuCell Extrusion LLC, Woburn, Mass., announced at NPE that it has teamed with Commodore Technology LLC, Bloomfield, N.Y., to supply turnkey tandem foam lines for producing microcellular PS, PP, or LDPE foam sheet. “We’re experts in providing turnkey solutions, but until now, our process knowledge was limited mostly to PS,” states Brad Braddon, Commodore president. “As we now expand to include PP and LDPE products using the MuCell process, we look forward to partnering with MuCell Extrusion to build our process expertise.” Commodore has a complete MuCell demonstration line at its headquarters and recently delivered its first polyolefin line to an undisclosed U.S. processor.

MuCell technology is based on direct injection of nitrogen or carbon dioxide in its supercritical state. Injection during the supercritical state allows for a single-phase gas/polymer solution.

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