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Foremost to Represent A-Ward Container Loaders

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Meeting demand from compounders and resin producers for filling large container liners instead of many smaller bags.

Auxiliary equipment supplier Foremost Machine Builders, Fairfield, N.J., is now the North American representative for container loading and unloading tilters from A-Ward of New Zealand. The companies say they have seen a significant increase in demand for container tilters as resin suppliers and compounders shift from shipping many small bags to single container liner bags.

A-Ward container loaders give users the ability to completely fill a container’s volume by loading at 90°. Full containers are said to optimize freight efficiency and eliminate shifting of material during shipping. The containers also reportedly provide increased loading speed by allowing the tilter to be positioned directly below silos.

Built-in remote controls ensure that the container loading process is a one-man operation and the option of adding a scale system to the machine allows the container to be weighed during loading.


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