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Thermoformer Sees Business Bump From New Machine Installation

Addition of fast-cycling form/cut/stack unit leads to new business over $1 million.
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Thermoformer SupplyOne Plastics has expanded its manufacturing capabilities and increased output with the installation of a new GN800 high-speed form/cut/stack thermoformer from GN Thermoforming Equipment for production of food, industrial and electronics packaging. The increased output of the new machine has directly resulted in the acquisition of between $1 million and $1.5 million in new business for the Reading, Pa.-based custom former.

“The new GN800 thermoformer opens the door for larger food accounts that have high-volume requirements,” states David Morris, president of SupplyOne Plastics. “This equipment will help us meet growing demand and further support our customers’ need for speed to market by complementing our quick-turn tooling, design and production capabilities.”

The purchase of the GN800 was an integral part of SupplyOne Plastics’ $1.5 million expansion plan, which included several new plant upgrades and the addition of 59,000 ft2 of warehouse space to accommodate the company’s growing business. The company increased its fleet of machinery to eight with its first purchase of a GN thermoformer. “We were looking to differentiate from the competition and vie for more high-volume accounts that demand a high level of market responsiveness,” Morris notes. “Our leadership was impressed with GN’s leading-edge technology, support and service.”

“This equipment will help us meet growing demand, and further support our customers’ need for speed to market."

New GN800 at SupplyOne Plastics has helped boost the thermoformer’s sales by more than $1 million.

The GN800 runs at 40-50 cycles/min versus SupplyOne’s current production rate of 11 cycles/min. One of the machine’s first production jobs is a PET food tray that is currently running at 30 cycles/min. This application previously required two shifts a day and two machines to produce the required 67 million packages per year. The GN800 eliminates one machine and one shift, cutting production time by more than 50%.

For high-volume food packaging, the new GN800 enables SupplyOne Plastics to install and run more complex tools. The new thermoformer also helps the company become leaner, according to Morris.

SupplyOne Plastics is a thin-gauge packaging manufacturer that utilizes PET, OPS, HIPS, PLA, PP, and PVC at thicknesses from 7.5 to 0.080 mil. The plant is a Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified facility, which ensures that packaging meets all food-safety best practices and established regulatory requirements.