Foster Now Distributor of Resirene's SMMA Copolymers

As exclusive distributor of Resirene’s SMMA, Foster will also now offer custom compounds based on SMMA including custom colors and impact-modified versions. 

Foster Corp., Putnam, Conn., is the new exclusive distributor of Mexico’s Resirene CET SMMA copolymers for the U.S. and Canadian medical markets. Further, Foster will also now offer custom compounds based on SMMA copolymers, including custom colors and impact-modified grades.

The CET SMMA copolymers reportedly combine the ease of processing of styrene polymers with the crystal clarity of acrylic (PMMA). Too, they are said to provide an ideal balance of rigidity and surface characteristics , along with a high degree of chemical resistance, crack resistance, and temperature performance not available with SAN or PMMA. Key applications for CET SMMA copolymers include IV connectors, dialysis filter housings, surgical kits and trays, and labware. They are also said to offer an alternative to BBA-based PC compounds used in medical devices.

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