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Four Colorant Companies Combined into One Entity

Breen, Chroma, Hudson, and Carolina Color are now Chroma Color Corporation.


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Chroma Color Corp, McHenry, Ill., is now operating as a single business entity that encompasses the talent, technical capabilities, manufacturing capacity and geographic footprint of Breen, Chroma, Hudson and Carolina Color. As previously reported, the latter acquired Chroma Corp., a 50-yr old manufacturer of masterbatches, dry colors, and precolored compounds this past July.

Carolina Color itself was acquired by N.Y.C. private-equity firm Arsenal Capital Partners in late 2017. As a result, Breen Color Concentrates, Lambertville, N.J., which Arsenal Capital acquired at about the same time, was merged into Carolina Color. In early 2016, Breen had acquired Hudson Color Concentrates, Leominster, Mass., and its subsidiary, Midwest Color, Niles, Ill.

The four companies will start operating as a single entity with sound business values and an unyielding commitment to provide the plastic marketplace with high-quality products and services, Chroma said in a release. The new business platform is designed to support continued growth and customer expansion in a dynamic marketplace.

Chroma Color boasts the production of color concentrates of the highest quality and the shortest lead times in the industry. The extensive product lines of colorants and additives have performed exceptionally well for customers for over 40 yr in markets such as: wire and cable, packaging, building and construction, consumer, medical, healthcare, lawn and garden, durables, sanitation, recreation and leisure, transportation and more.

Said CEO Tom Bolger, “Our entire team is committed to taking our valued commercial partnerships to greater heights as we expand our substantial capabilities with the singular goal of enhancing our customers’ competitive positions.”