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8/7/2015 | 2 MINUTE READ

Frost Effect Applied to First Plastic Water Bottle

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Ampacet "frosted-look" special effects additive 'lands' on first-ever frosted water bottle.

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What appears to be the first ‘frosted’ PET water bottle is being introduced by Alaska Crystal Glacier, Wasilla, Alsk. A frost effect additive concentrate from Ampacet Corp., Tarrytown, NY., was instrumental in making that a reality, with initial launch planned mid-September to grocery and convenience stores in California, Las Vegas, and New York.

The development follows the company’s introduction of an etched 24-oz glass bottle for its water, which is derived from the 23,000-yr-old Eklutna Glacier and targeted to upscale bars, nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, spas and caterers. The glass bottle stands out as it houses an LED light that is indented in its bottom that, when turned on, illuminates the bottle to create a unique effect.

  Terence Crawley, partner at Las Vegas-based Fitzgerald Global Enterprises, Llc., both the wholesale distributor for Alaska Crystal Glacier and the developer of the plastic bottle, says they researched numerous methods from various manufacturers to accomplish the frosted look on the 20-oz injection stretch blow molded PET bottle they intended to develop for more mainstream distributi Working with the molder Summit Package Development Llc., Braselton, Ga., this included additional treatments such as sandblasting of molds which destroys the surface of the tool; or generally more costly spray-on treatments; and, other frost-effect additive concentrates. None came close to those sampled from Ampacet’s family of Frost additive concentrates, which provided the effect that had been envisioned, says Crawley. Another selling point to the Frost concentrate chosen is the inclusion of a UV additive that serve to protect the water quality and maintain the clarity of the frosted effect.

This Ampacet family of special effect additives has been used successfully for several years in personal care packaging applications, ranging from mouthwash, to lotions and cosmetics, at normal low letdown ratios of 1-4%, says business & marketing manager Douglas Brownfield. Available in several polymer carriers, including HDPE, PP, PET and a variety of engineering resins along with a variety of color tints, the Frost masterbatches have potential for other applications. “We see possibilities for a frosted plastic Vodka bottle.  Also, our chemistry can be modified for use as a light diffuser for a more uniform light source in plastics applications such as electronic housings and lighting.”

As with their glass counterparts, the frosted PET water bottles will be offered with and without the small and removable battery-operated LED light which can be attached to the bottle’s concave bottom. The frost effect helps deflect the light, scattering it through the bottle for a unique glow. 


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