Gardner Business Media and AMMMT Launch Meximold

Meximold is an event that combines dedicated Tool and Die producers, along with leading Global suppliers involved in mold & die production, mold maintenance and injection molding. Meximold will also offer three conference tracks focused on Additive Manufacturing, Mold Building and Injection Molding.
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Gardner Business Media and AMMMT (Mexican Association of Manufacture of Molds and Dies) have joined forces to launch Mexico’s first edition of an event called Meximold. The event will take place on November 20 & 21, 2019 at the Centro de Congresos in Queretaro, Mexico.

Meximold is the first of its kind in Mexico, combining dedicated tool and die producers with leading global suppliers involved in mold and die production, mold maintenance, and injection molding. Meximold will also offer three conference tracks focused on additive manufacturing, mold building, and injection molding.

The two-day event is geared to attract the “avant-garde” job shops looking for ways to incorporate additive manufacturing in their facilities and add capability to the high demand of tooling production in Mexico. Meximold also benefits the molding community with the latest technology available in producing quality injection molded parts, while also serving as a purchasing fair with numerous tooling producers from Mexico and around the world.

Claude Mas, international group publisher from Gardner Business Media, producer of Amerimold in the U.S., and Eduardo Medrano, president of the AMMMT, are excited for the opportunity to not only help domestic mold and die shops in Mexico, but to also centralize a purchasing fair.

“We thought long and hard about an event that contains some of the key components that has made Amerimold a success for 19 years in the U.S., and have added features that support local needs,” says Mas. “We have designed a venue that presents not only a learning center with three key tracks (Additive Manufacturing, Mold Building, and Injection Molding), but also a critical business marketplace where we can connect mold buyers with mold builders and mold builders with injection molders.”

According to Medrano, “the marketing through events is a fundamental strategic tool and is already unpostponable in Mexico for the sector of molds, dies and tooling. Today in our industry, traditional vendor search tools are less effective than in the past. It is increasingly difficult to identify a differential of the product or services, in addition to the prices and qualities of each of them. Customers are constantly exposed to hundreds of messages, especially of foreign options, which makes it very difficult to identify the best options in an effective and differential manner.”

The interaction in the purchase and sale of molds, dies and tooling has evolved in the world and especially in Mexico. “Customers and users have become more sophisticated and demanding, have a greater understanding and mastery in decision making, so the importance of having the opportunity to concentrate the entire industry in one place, strengthens the interactions between them,” explains Medrano.

“This global, yet personal, format provides a practical and effective means of building high-value relationships through face-to-face interactions between buyers and sellers and service and procurement companies in this industrial sector,” he adds. “It is important to interact with the experts and obtain the greatest value at this stage of the buying cycle. Meximold will be able to show evidence of what Mexico has the capacity to manufacture and offer.”


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